Designated Drivers

As part of a drink drive initiative at Cheers we decided to put together a non-alcohol beer list.  We cornered some well-meaning customers and got them to try 20 alcohol free beers from around the world plus alcohol free Kopparberg cider from Sweden.

Our tasting evening went well, see the full album: Here.


The top 6 beers from the tasting session were picked for our beer menu.  Click below to see them plus details of their origin, calories and price.

Click here to see our alcohol free beer menu

Designated drivers have a wide variety of soft drinks to choose from at Cheers, which are all competitively priced.

We have a special designated drivers discount on our cappuccinos, mochas, hot chocolate, latte’s, espresso, etc. These are all priced at £1.00 a drink from 9pm till 1am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Click here to see our Coffees & Hot drinks menus

If on the eventuality a driver decides to drink then there is a list of taxi numbers at the bar, plus bus timetables.  There is a taxi rank beside the bar as well as a bus stop.  If you live a distance away you might of course decide to stay in our excellent ensuite accommodation.

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Remember that alcohol will remain in your bloodstream for some time If you have been drinking heavily. The body can remove 1 unit of alcohol every hour.  There is generally 1 unit in every nip of vodka and 2 units in a normal pint of lager (Tenants).  Four pints and four nips will take 12 hours to pass through your body, so if you started drinking at 9pm then at the very earliest you might be able to drive at 10am the following morning. You may want to have a few pints of water before sleeping! Please take heed and act responsibly! for more information!

In 2013 we were rewarded for our efforts at the national best bar none event, coming home with three awards, one of those being for Best Public Health Initiative.